Is sad for me to all the headlines from all the TV stations in my country all about the covid-19 pandemic,which makes me understand that globally we are all together in this. At trying times is good for me to contribute,donate and also to educate my people on the implications of covid-19 and the importance of eating natural produce and staying healthy at all times.

What it does

It helps the body systems with some essential vitamins and it helps in boosting the immune system.

How I built it

Everything is natural (plant produce)

Challenges I ran into

Since the outbreak of covid-19 in my country Nigeria, everything has change. With this challenges,is difficult for the less privilege to get this natural produce at a cheaper price.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Educating people,more especially the people in the countryside (rural areas) to adopt the habit of keep a good hygiene and the awareness of the covid-19.

What I learned

I have learn that sharing information's and ideas can help safe many lives in the outbreak of any diseases.




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