Humankind is now facing a global crisis, perhaps the biggest crisis of our generation.  The decisions people and governments take in the next few weeks will probably shape the world for years to come.  The governments and commercial organizations need to be able to separate the healthy from infected, know the health status and act quickly and decisively.
In days when there is lack of trust and data is compromised, we must use methods that allow for data protection yet sharing of data across third parties; using SSI and Blockchain will provide this trust. We are a team of blockchain architects and usability experts with the desire and knowledge to protect users health data with organizations to get the economy  and workforce going. like everyone in the world, we want to overcome this crisis and building this tool will allow the governments to open up neighbourhoods, cities, countries and eventually the world!

It is important to note that our tool will be valid not just for the COVID19 crisis but for other type of health status that is needed to protect us from the next pandemic, for ex- volunteers that can donate plasma transfusion,  people that were cured from the virus, yellow fever vaccination when entering certain countries and any other type of health data that needs to be shared in a secure way with the right authorities and owned by the user.

What it does

Using a Self sovereign identity blockchain based solution we are storing and encrypting users health metadata and enable people to share their data in a secure way with authorized organizations and carry their health passport on the go .

How we built it

We are a team of blockchain architects, designers and product and have implemented SSI in a few projects. we are using for GO, W3C protocol standard for Verifiable Credentials Data Model and existing SSI sub systems. GO will be an IOS/Android app and via the API the validators (KLM, Elderly home etc) get the status only if the users agrees to share their status if they are COVID free/ vaccination/ got sick and recovered. this is to allow the user for mobility (enter screen the right volunteers to help in hospitals, help in elderly home, get on a flight).

Challenges we ran into

To make this work we need to collaborate with a commercial body or a local Gov body, to validate our project to be adopted and deployed immediately and for the future in other use cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fleshed out the idea, wrote specification, did design, did the architecture and gaged interest from the Netherland blood bank for PCR tests, City of Amsterdam

What we learned

We need to have a commercial or gov body for backing the proof of concept and for verifying the correct user flows and then bring more parties as verifiers and validators: hospitals, elderly homes, transportation companies.

What's next for GO- SSI blockchain based health status

Win the prize to get the partnership we need to launch shortly.



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