Let us first introduce ourselves. We are a team of high-spirited enthusiasts working at Star - international end-to-end company of builders. Every day we help other companies to innovate, transform, grow and prosper. This time we gathered together to fight a Global Crisis and turn one more good idea into something that is a force for positive change.


We are inspired by an idea to connect people who need something with people who can provide help. We've decided to concentrate on helping hospitals and medical workers, as they're taking a stab.  Medical personnel face unexpected issues due to fighting against COVID-19. They must every day deal with infected people and, as a result, must be maximally protected - physically and mentally.  Additionally, due to the high degree of transmissibility, they should stay in the hospitals for a long period of time and require additional support. Depending on countries, these new needs could include many things: medical infection protection (masks, costumes, disinfectors, etc.), food, clear everyday wear, medical specialists and others.

What it does

Service allows users to put the request to need or react on existing request by providing help. The application allows hospitals to post requests regarding their needs and charitable foundations, volunteers and indifferent people will help to fulfill these requests. For example, ALV ventilators, hygiene items, food, everyday clothes, etc. Service will use geolocation that allows people to help medical personnel in the nearest area.

How I built it

It tends to be a mobile app and Web platform.

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api, java, react, react-native

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