The best prevention is to get into conversation with each other and to develop a good feeling for each other. The virus only comes to people who have lost their inner balance for several days. What everyone can do to keep their balance stable, so that we are no longer susceptible to viruses in the future, I teach in the Study Network for Integrative Medicine. No doctor can do that for us. It can only be done in self-responsibility. Vaccinations do not help with the root cause, our interpersonal conflicts. Therefore let us use the Corona crisis to find our inner peace and a new togetherness.

FakeNews only arise because experts from different medical fields do not talk to each other. I talk to all experts and integrate their knowledge and experience into a way that people can take responsibility for themselves.

Since we have understood how to infect ourselves with diseases and viruses, we know how to infect ourselves with health. This knowledge we give you on your way with our webinar. You can use this path to build up economic stability by investing in your health and to protect your family and your business.

What have I already done.

Accompanying the research of the self-healing powers and the complete assumption of personal responsibility for our health, I have created the first version of a network of internet platforms to impart knowledge and support people so that we can make health contagious. The aim is that we can work together to ensure that there are no more diseases by 2050, because people will then know how to use their bodies to give them a healthy life.

What's next for Going together from corona crisis to freedom

I'm finding teammates who want to build a community that makes health contagious because they understand how the body and life work.  I'm finding teammates who want to build a community for health, social and financial stability that becomes a health insurance. I'm finding teammates who want to understand the body, its processes and the strengthening of self-healing powers. I'm finding teammates who like integration of various medical fields focused on the strengthening of Personal responsibility.


I am building up the study network for integrative medicine on a voluntary basis as my gift to the world. It will become a foundation that finances studies to research self-healing powers and self-healing clinics and opens the doors to stable and lasting health for more and more people.

The payment of the teammates for the further development of the platforms and other additional tools will be made through the commissions paid by the investments in their own health and team building with various global companies in network marketing.

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