I want to solve the problem of overtourism by sending tourists to alternative destinations. It turns out that, this solution is a good fit for travellers during the quarantine periods.

What it does

It suggests the places to visit, things to see and to do at a particular tourist destination. But we leverage traffic data to notify users if a particular place is overcrowded and suggests alternative destinations.

How I built it

For the MVP, I built it with a website builder and manually put in random tourism activities in Europe.

Challenges I ran into

Getting more contents in a short time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got more than 1068 views after 5 first days and 619 unique visitors.

What I learned

digital marketing is difficult but people are looking for alternative ways of entertaining themselves.

What's next for

build a database of all destinations that tourists want to see and their alternative. build an AI algorithm to recommend alternative destination.

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