Under current conditions caused by COVID-19, some people are more vulnerable. Their lost their jobs and not have any income to overcome this situation. On the other hand, the people who are stable economically just go to the market to buy their groceries and stay at home. Some people want to donate but exist quite mistrustfulness on where the aid goes. And here is the experience of The Good Box to share what you want, anytime in your neighborhood for your community.

What it does

The idea of the GoodBox is to make donations with trust, transparency, instantly and with freedom. Is a place to give others what you have bought for donate and the spot where the people in need are going to look for the essential goods. It will be the spot to share, the people who wants to donate can give some specific products for instance canned food, water or personal care goods. The people who receive can share a voice or text message with gratitude for the people who donate. Donors may register at the home page, where they will see which products can buy to donate. (There is not specific brand, just a specific size) They can choose to donate at the store or in the cab. Also, they will be able to get a card in the store which give a QR code and they can register getting some points to virtual gifts. Every time the people share some goods they will receive a code. In addition will receive all the gratitude and nice messages from the people who received the donation of the day to overcome their situation. For the folks who are receive the aid, the interaction is on the screen. They might choose the language (EN, ES or native language). Also can be take the product they choose whether it is a canned food or personal care product. The GoodBox wants to know more about the people in need and we will just ask for the age, genre and his / her name or nickname, finally she or he can share a message for the donators and take the product. The cabin will recognize the stock and if the giver wish he / she can receive a friendly reminder weekly of the goods, The Good Box needs, if they wish to donate in your next visit to the store.

What's next for GoodBox

Develop the idea into different goods to place in the neighborhoods to help the community.



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