Despite the empty shelves as a result of panic buying, there is no shortage of food and essentials. However, there are people who may now realise they might have bought more than they need..... There are also people who are still in need of essentials.

Ok, toilet paper has no limit on shelf life but what about meat, dairy, vegetables?  What is going to happen to all the waste?

My father said that when the "panic buying" began, mincemeat was being sold out. It was impossible to get (much like "the toilet paper crisis"). Now that people have realised that there is no shortage of food or supplies, not only are supermarkets now overstocked with these "perishable" items, people are left with items that will expire.

There are vulnerable people and others in the community who still need many of these essentials and are unable to get these essentials due to the increased pressure on supermarket delivery services.

Inspired by existing platforms where "trash may be another man's treasure" and the issues local communities are facing. Got Milk will focus primarily on food and essentials.


Community, Vulnerable People


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What's next for Got Milk?

Deploy a User-Friendly interface and location-based application to allow a virtual community.
A place to share "pantry items with your neighbours".  Promote to the local community and share with others. Not-for-profit.  Set guidelines in place to ensure government-restrictions and to reduce the spread of Covid-19 a solution to reduce the number of people leaving their home to collect or drop off items.

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