Our team has been interested in what types of latent assessments are available, and can be conducted beyond a logic and achievement-based assessment to enhance skill developments needed for the future. With experience in online education, pedagogy, linguistics, cultural variance and technology, we developed an actionable concept that can be scaled world-wide. Our team worked on a theoretical level creating a formula that takes in the following factors within education and self development: culture, collectivism, individualism, skill-set(s), progression - and the back-end technological solutions for implementation of this theory.

Our team was comprised of members from Switzerland, France, Morocco, and the United States. Most of the team members have resided in other countries, and thus, are familiar with different educational systems, cultures, languages, ideologies, and have had to develop an innate skill for rapid adaptation. This, in addition to natural curiosity, desire to learn and teamwork, gave a unique insight to the formulation of the concept.

We are so grateful that we were able to participate in the Versus Virus Hackathon - it was a brilliant experience for us all! Thank you to the organizers, the team and everyone.  Go science, go humanity! :)


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