The lockdown is necessary to avoid spread of infection. But not all organisations can work from home or remotely. With a huge population size it is going to be very difficult to open the gates suddenly. On one hand we do not have enough capacity to tackle widespread infection and on other side economic lock down resulting in huge impact to millions. We need a solution to get back quickly. We need to have mechanism to get back to work location in controlled manner with an eye on arresting the spread.

Green Zones (GZ) would provide pathway to get us back on track from lockdown. The way world is defining "Red Zones" to mark the COVID19 affected population or communities, we would create Green Zones where in people will move back with confidence based on empirical assessment of individual and ensuring continuous feedback loop to control infection in green zone. This would be a software platform combined with medical devices. Organisations can select their minimum employees required to run the operations. Platform would screen and identify infection free members and track them. We would keep the records updated and notifications for any changes and missing status.



.net, angular.js, machine-learning, sql

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