GRIINS is about forming a new habit and bringing nature in one's home. We believe that by taking baby steps and investing a bit of time one can easily grow something green and wonderful. Growing greens is a meditative process and a source of joy, by using the right equipment, seeds and soil one can grow a greenery very soon. We want to show how simple a mini garden can be created by everyone.

GRIINS will be a platform and online shop where one will be able to purchase the right equipment for one's own greenery - seeds or baby plants of kitchen herbs, vegetables and super food, and also to acquire handy tips of how to grow them.

What's next for GRIINS

GRIINS will be a platform and online shop where one can learn how to grow different kinds of herbs, vegetables and superfoods (like nettles, aolia and other herbs of nature that are rich with vitamins).  GRIINS mission is to bring pleasure of caring for another living thing by providing one with the right equipment to create its own mini garden right at home.


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