This project has been highlighted at the end of the hackathon in category Economic Impact


  • Julien Suard: UX / UI of apps
  • Louise Muhdi: business strategy, content
  • Candy Scarfe: voice over, tone of voice, content
  • Cyrill Kressibucher: service and process design, wireframing
  • Stéph Cruchon: design sprint process facilitation, UX, video
  • Alessio Rosato: content, featured in video
  • Elizabeth Komaromi: content, ideation
  • Paul van der Linden: co-facilitation, business strategy, content
  • Eglé Cruchon: content, featured in video


We framed what the challenge is in Switzerland currently, connected to potential stakeholders and asked about challenges and whether they would welcome our solution/service, looked at what other countries are doing, got inspired by solutions/innovation in other fields and finally our own needs and those of our families and friends and further desktop research.

What it does

We ask people who have vehicles and time, and want to help their community, to register as delivery heroes. We invite grocery store owners overwhelmed by home delivery orders to register. When they receive an order, we can match them with the right drivers. When a driver accepts a request, the shop owner can prepare the package for the driver to collect. Both shop owners and customers can track their goods between collection and delivery. Our drivers make safe, contactless delivery to the customer, and when they both confirm delivery, the transaction is completed and we’re ready for the next order!

How we built it

The team met on the first day and we had nothing prior to the beginning of the hackathon.  We created concept sketches, aligned on a winning concept and then went all -in to prototype it in Figma  2 prototypes:  a smartphone App (drivers) and an Ipad app (retailers) Both prototypes are featured in the video

Challenges we ran into

Deciding on the right approach to address the challenge. Steph lead a shortened version of the Design Sprint.  But the team were fantastic - we had some great experience and skills, and we were professional in our approach. We're all happy with the outcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Running a Remote Design Sprint (Google Venture's methodology) Aligning the team

What we've learned

Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. With a team of 9 specialists on various topics and with respect to each-others opinions and views we were able to describe the problem, find ideas for solutions and build the one everybody agreed upon was the right one! There are no limits!

What's next for Grocery home delivery panic!

1) First, you'll select our project in your winners' shortlist ;) 2) Then, identify funding opportunities 3) Put together a team to drive implementation 4) Build on the current app prototype 5) Work with key stakeholders to identify integration opportunities 6) Put in place a country-wide communication strategy

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