In case Covid-19 persists longer, we may face food chain supply disruption and food shortage. And this crisis reveals how much we are dependent on international food suppliers. Growing local food could contribute to minimizing food shortage, and urban gardening is healthy activity for all generations staying at home during this crisis.

What it does:

It empowers people to grow their own food from home. it also reconnects people to nature, the community, and themselves.

How we built it

We put a lot of co-creation into 48 hours of hacking. We have diverse backgrounds ranging from politics, soil science, teaching to students. We did brainstorming together for many hours in the first day using Zoom application. Then we used online sharing tools to put each one's ideas into our project documents.

Challenges we ran into

a lot! But none too big to not be overcome! Since we came individually into this Hackathon project, coordinating between us with different Hackathon sessions was an issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a wonderful short-term solution which can connect a whole nation, and a roadmap which outlines how to change the whole nation's mindset and approach to food

What we learned

That it's very challenging, but not impossible, to collaborate in virtual hackathons :)

What's next for Growing Together

The government will love it, give us their backing, and we'll make it happen.

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