At HacKIT 19, we know that living in this unprecedented time brings with it some new challenges. Maybe you have taken on a new role as a teacher for your kids, or maybe you are adjusting to working at home while balancing your duties as a parent. And on top of all of this, you are worried about the health and safety of your family members - from the little ones to the grandparents.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there was one platform that could take care of all of your extra worries? Where you could track and monitor the symptoms of COVID-19 for your family members across different households? Wouldn’t it be reassuring to be aware of areas to avoid when you do need to make the trip outdoors? And where you could decide when to go to the grocery store based off how crowded it is?

That’s where HacKIT 19 comes in. We provide you with an easy-to-use tool to track and monitor the symptoms of everyone in your family (even if they don’t live under the same roof). We send you notifications so you know which areas to avoid, and you can even visualise them on a map. And what about those lengthy queues you’ve been trying to avoid? We keep you updated on how crowded the supermarket is, so you can find the best time to make the trip. Additionally, by reporting your symptoms, you make it easier for government and NGOs to make better decisions for your community, including providing additional services as needed.

Challenges we faced

One of the challenges we faced was definitely working remotely in different locations around the world. We found that the tool Miro helped us to organize our work. You should check this tool out if you haven't already!

Some other challenges included:

  • Privacy/GDPR Regulations in different countries
  • Infrastructure needed to comply with privacy law and data management
  • Validating the assessment by professionals (but we managed to :) )
  • Finding the best technology to implement the solution (Web/Mobile)

What we learnt

Some of us learnt how to use some new tools, including Miro and AdobeXD. We learnt the importance of communication in a remote setting. Along the way we also learnt about some interesting insights from citizens during their quarantine. We truly learnt we are stronger, together.

The next steps for HacKIT-19

  • Adapting the assessment to different countries' situations

Technical aspects:

  • Infrastructure
  • Deployment
  • Contact with the local health systems
  • Contact with decision-makers

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