a lot of people always look in the mirror after they leaving public toilet. and they always forget to wash their hand, but they always look in the mirror to use some makeup or set their hair. with this project we remind them to wash their hand after leaving the public toilet. and also keep their hand hygienic after leaving the public toilet

What it does

The default LCD display  will say "you haven't washing your hands", so they will remember to wash their hands, and the LCD will say "You already wash your hands" when the water passes trough the Water Flow Meter behind the tap and the Passive Infrared Sensor detect an obstacles or in this case is our hands. The LCD only say "You already wash your hands" if that 2 conditions are met

How we built it

we use arduino, Passive Infrared Sensor, Water Flow Meter, and LCD i2c to make this project. the arduino located behind the mirror, the LCD  will located at the mirror, and the PIR sensor located at the right of the sink, and the flow meter will connected before the tap

Challenges we ran into

positioning the PIR sensors was a bit tricky, and trying to keep the wire stay away from the water, so it will not get wet

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I can make this prototype with cheap price, and can make the box not wet if hit water because we cover it with plastic.

What we learned

we learn how to arrange the wire, so it became a good looking and not messy. and also we learn how to make this project with a team and can finish it on time

What's next for Hand Wash Checker

we try to make it better, and doing some upgrade at the sensor, or put more sensor, and we keep try to make it good looking, so we will get people interest

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arduino, c, flowmeter, infrared, pir, sensors, ultrasonic

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