Telling people "wash your hands for 20 seconds while singing Happy Birthday" was a good start.

Next we must show and teach people the official World Health Organization technique for washing your hands properly.

Focusing on this, at massive scale, will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.

This education will be required until a COVID-19 vaccine becomes  available, hopefully in 2021.

What are we doing to help?

We will provide the technology for any individual or business to add video content to their email campaigns – at the bottom of the email footer or anywhere else within the message - showing the official WHO technique for washing your hands properly.

Video is the best content type for teaching this, because our brains retain 90% of video content compared to just 15% of written instructions or static images.

Email is the best method of communication, because 3.9 billion people can be reached all over the world by adding the videos into the emails they are reading every day. That’s more than Facebook or TikTok. Also, because those emails are permission-based and from sources that the viewer has subscribed to, the engagement rates are magnitudes higher.

The videos will include sound – the tune to Happy Birthday, for example – that plays on the majority of devices, to engage and educate.

The majority of these emails will be opened on mobile phones, meaning that the videos can be watched in the correct context; at the hand basin.

The videos will include captions and spoken narration in the correct language for each individual viewer.

How we built it

We are production ready, including the back-end infrastructure (on GCP & AWS) to deliver the videos at scale.

We have an example piece of video content, showing the WHO-recommended hand-washing technique, that can be added to email campaigns delivered via Mailchimp, Oracle Bronto, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or Gmail.

Please visit to send free hand-washing videos to everyone you know.

The project has been built using the Playable technology platform, which delivers hundreds of millions of videos into email messages all over the world, e.g. movie trailers for Hollywood studios. Playable is contributing its technology at zero cost to this project.

Privacy Note - email lists do not need to be shared with Playable or any other third party. The individuals or businesses who add these videos to their email campaigns retain complete control over their email lists.

Challenges / Plan

Here’s what we need to complete and scale this idea -

Video Content - we are seeking videographers to create engaging / creative / educational / entertaining video content to demonstrate the WHO hand-washing technique. In all languages. Playable will take care of ingesting all these videos and generating all the code (HTML snippets) for the videos to play on all email systems, all email clients, all devices, so don’t worry about that part.

Website - we are seeking engineers and designers to build a simple website (we haven’t chosen a domain name yet) that allows individuals and businesses to easily grab the code for the videos and paste it into their email system for sending out. See for the prototype of this site.

Marketing/PR - we are seeking publicity expertise to help spread the word.

Partners - we are asking email service providers to tell their customers about this project. Together, these videos can be distributed by their millions of customers to the billions of people who will benefit.

Hosting/Sponsorship - we are seeking the involvement of our infrastructure partners (Google and Amazon) to supply the necessary cloud computing and content delivery resources at cost, or paid for by sponsorship.

Creative - we are seeking creative ideas to continually refresh the video content so that people continue to watch it. For example, filming local people / celebs / front-line healthcare workers washing their hands and singing Happy Birthday. Playable will take care of refreshing the content and working out which versions are most engaging for viewers.

Co-ordination - Playable is best placed to co-ordinate the various parts of this, but we need help to scale this - please signup if you are interested!

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