As we leans more about the spread of virus we introduce more concept like social distance, washing hand regularly to limit the spread for unintentional interaction like, for example if two people where getting in same building and one open the door with his hand carrying the virus. where thoughts of those example are contributing everyday in spreading the virus exponentially

So main question: Can we alert the user who came in close proximity to another infected user?

What it does

  1. Each user install annonymous tracking app
  2. No user auth, registration or anything alike only using mobile device ID
  3. Mobile sends location for 14 days rolling window
  4. User can reports he got infected, and also can set the date symptoms starts to appear.
  5. Once we receive report of infection we flag all user geo history as red zone
  6. All other user who came with 3 meters proximity and +/-3min period range gets notification about cross path with infected person to start self-isolate

How we built it

2 mobile apps for anonymous tracking and reporting Backend Service to recieve location updates 2 workers for overnight regression run of cross path and determine which use to perform scanning on Mongodb using geo-location facilities

Challenges we ran into

Project is straight forward

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have lunched the service in Ireland and waiting google play approvals

We reached to Irish Gov when we just had the idea 2 weeks ago and it got traction, and gov is now considering to rollout it national wide

What we learned

We can rollout full service in 2 weeks

What's next for

We need support to be able to scale it further and positive sentiment coverage as the whole idea is based on collaboration of users

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android, java, mongodb, python, xamarin

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