Healshare is a powerful, data-analytics driven platform for the globally shared health. Users can not only track their personal health trends but global health trends. Stay connected and healthy at a global scale.


While we are dealing with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic at hand today, there is always the possibility for our new reality to become the new norm. Nowadays, we can't just treat health as an individual concept; someone's health across the globe yesterday could impact your health today. Besides global pandemics, the state of your community's health could be indicative of other factors within your environment; similarities between health trends of you and your neighbor could potentially indicate local public health crises like water supply contamination (as evident from the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis). Healshare is a transformative platform that allows us to view health as a factor that connects us globally as opposed to the individual concern that we've been treating it as for centuries.

Healshare allows its users to not only input their health history/conditions but also symptoms that they are currently experiencing (all data privacy-protected). Additionally, Healshare features a mobile application that uses a phone's basic sensors to collect and analyze important health-related data from the users. Acting as a centralized platform for health-related data, Healshare also displays conditions/symptoms commonly seen your community and across the globe. The application also includes a hotspot center, notifying its users whether or not a health-related crisis is occurring and keeping individuals up-to-date and informed.

Healshare is not a diagnostic application but rather, a public health focused application, detecting trends across the world.



android,, c#, ios, java

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