In this covid-19 pandemic, Acute shortage of testing kit makes it accessible to suspects patients only.  AI Based Self Health Checker App for COVID-19 Portal is already live at http://healthchecker.dexob.comDocument Pitch: Pitch:

What it does

We would like to solve this problem where self-diagnostic could be an alternative solution in early symptom detection as the key factor to stop the virus from spreading faster as well as reduce burden of non essential request on test with no symptoms.

How I built it

In order to promote self diagnostics of suspect covid-19 patients , we made an AI based mobile app which can detect few symptoms of covid-19.

One of the possible symptoms of covid-19 is dry cough. It is also proven though research journal papers that machines models can differenciate the difference between dry and wet cough.

refer: Theory and Application of Audio-Based Assessment of Cough, by Yan Shi

Challenges I ran into

AI Model need to be trained with quality audio data which is not easy to find. We are conducting survey to collect this data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got selected in Top 300 in HackTheCrisisIndia (link: We have build a small prototype and launch the portal for COVID19. Our Team was able to develop the MVP in the hackathon.

What I learned

Even in the lockdown , Team can rally to make a product which is meaningful for the world in these tough times.

What's next for Health Checker

We are planning to pict this to Hospital and Insurance companies for the revenues in next coming weeks

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ai, laravel, python

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