While reading problem statements, I came to know that doctor's facing difficulties to monitor patient health details like body temperature, pulse etc after when they discharged from hospitals. Suddenly there are birds around my mind where I am also facing same problem monitoring server health from remote locations. So I tried to implement the same-like solution here which can help doctors to monitor their patients health

What it does:

Health Watchdog provides the unified platform which act as a data analytics platform for patients. The health metrics like temperature,heartbeat,pulse all can be stored in available datasources(supports highly available 7 databases) in the platform. Once the data gets migrated to datasource, all the health metrics can be monitored in a single dashboard view. The platform also supports alerting to doctors through their personal messaging channels like mail,slack etc..,

How I built it:

I built the platform using Grafana which is the metric analytics and alerting tool.

Challenges I ran into:

Pushing health data to the data sources .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nothing I changed anything by code. Just applied the idea to the platform.

What I learned:

How to configure data sources and alerting in the platform.

What's next for Health WatchDog:

Adding custom interactive charts for visualizing patient details.



elasticsearch, grafana, mysql

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