We were inspired by the selfless dedication of the frontline healthcare workers who are fighting this battle on behalf of the rest of us.

What it does

HealthcareWorkersHaveNeed is a web-based marketplace that connects healthcare workers who need PPE and any other goods and services with members of the community willing to donate directly to them. The site is very simple for both sides and contains listing, search, tagging, geo-filtering and messaging functionality.

How I built it

We license the Sharetribe marketplace platform which enabled us to quickly design, configure and test our marketplace and have it ready to deploy at the end of the hackathon.

Challenges I ran into

Synthesizing feedback from healthcare providers and community members in order to design the marketplace in a manner that is most straightforward and able to deliver the most impact as soon as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we came together, got it done and are ready to launch now!

What I learned

Healthcare Workers are facing unique challenges both within their own facilities and among different facilities. We had to make choices we believed to have the most universal impact. We also learned - really confirmed as it was really no surprise - that there is a deep desire to support the healthcare workers from the community at large.

In researching our solution, we also learned of other similar solutions, but none that we felt had the same ease of use or any real critical mass such that there was anything redundant about our effort.

What's next for HealthcareWorkersHaveNeed

Once we get feedback from Hack from Hope team, we will finalize our outreach/launch plan, and get to the business of supporting the healthcare workers.




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