Healthdesk started during the #codevscovid19 hackathon.

A few links from the original project:

What it does

As local, regional and national hospitals are about to face the limit of their capacities, emergency field hospitals have to be set up.

They are established in all kind of locations worldwide such as sport stations, conference centres, public parks – in first world countries -, and as tents on the fields for third-world countries.

This is an example of this month in Madrid, Spain:

Madrid Spain, April 2, 2020

Posted on ABC News on April 4th 2020

The set-up is already logistically challenging, but the coordination and management to run such a field hospital is even more problematic. Existing hospital management information systems can't be used in such locations because of their complexity, required training for medical staff, and required IT infrastructure.

Healthdesk wants to solve the problems of patient registration, bed assignment, health snapshots, and overall reporting with a simple to use software - thereby supporting medical personnel in doing what they are best at: saving lives and taking care of patients.

The prototype is limited to COVID19 symptoms but could easily be extended to other diseases or situations.

Public demo

Demos are available here (username: demo | pwd: demo):

NB: some functionalities are exposed in an admin panel that can't be publicly exposed without the risk of breaking stuff.

Challenges we ran into

It is always difficult to coordinate the tasks of all team members into some meaningful output.

Accomplishments that we  are proud of

  • Improvement of the product during the hackathon
  • Build a whole patient flow chart
  • Get in touch with more medical staff in order to get feedback
  • Clean up the data structure and flow
  • Build up the frontend interface to include all modules

What we learned and looking forward

  • Talk to more medical staff in order to refine the needs
  • We urgently need people for PR/Communication/Marketing/Design that actually ship
  • We need a fully working UX prototype that we can present to doctors
  • Implement more features
  • Have a semi-structured approach to development
  • Clean up the existing code

What's next for Healthdesk

  • Building a proper UX prototype
  • Getting in touch with more doctors in order to show them the prototype and gather feedback
  • Clean up the codebase accordingly
  • Develop more features
  • Launch something ;)

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