HealthExchange is a system allowing hospitals and other medical institutions to share information and equipment with each other.

How does it work and how does it help?

Currently, we think a lot about how to help with COVID-19. However, mostly the solutions we propose provoke social distancing or involve helping everyday people. Very few projects aim to help our society's brave army against the disease - medical workers, who stand on the frontline of the fight. As we all know, supplies are extremely limited. As it turns out however, one hospital might have a lot of surgical masks and a different one might have a lot of disinfection agent. My webapp proposes a new solution for medical institutions - for them to be able to exchange those resources, as well as important information regarding medical topics. It filters these exchanges for specific countries/states (but only exchanges, not information). All this makes it a lot quicker for them and thus helps them help us, the whole society be healthy faster. My proposition is not only good for COVID-19 times, but can be used all the time. Another advantage is that it's a webapp so it can be easily accessed on all devices with a browser! HealthExchange is a ready product but I plan on further developing it so that it evolves with time.

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css, flask, html, javascript, python

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