inspired by the number of vehicles from the city that have been infected with the virus without consciously go to a place that has not been infected with the virus, if in Indonesia is given the name"mudik" or "going home"

yes, they will meet with families in the village but there are negative impacts

there is an inspection on the road, but it will also be at risk to the examiner, so we make this tool for alarms too if there is a passing in one area

What it does

This tool will work if there is an object / human approaching by means of a 30 "temperature detection, and will discharge the liquid but if there is one above 36 "there will be an alarm warning

How I built it

We do this by taking into account the risks that inspectors may get that may bring covid-19 we made this with tinkercad and c ++  The alarm will notify the supervisor too

Challenges I ran into

tools and distance, because our area is being quarantined, we have difficulty meeting

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

thanks to hackhatons, my teacher and my teammates and medical workers who are working

What I learned

I learned a lot, more precisely learning about viruses that we often ignore

What's next for Heat detection and disfentant sensor

can work well and be used by the community

Try It out



1, arduino, c++, disfentant, led, micro, ohm, r3, red, resistor, sensor, servo, temperature, tmp36], uno

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