There is a big population of elders living by themselves with little to no help for daily chores. Technology has come a long way, but there still is a lot of anxiety in terms of how to use it for this demographic. There are 100s of apps and thousands of websites each with its own learning curve. From ordering an Uber to getting groceries delivered to getting food from DoorDash, everything becomes a daunting task for them. With the current COVID-19 circumstances, it makes it even harder, pushing them to step out of their house to complete their day-to-day needs :(

HelloSenior is an AI driven one stop service with one goal - make life of elderly easy and reduce risk on exposure under current COVID-19 circumstances.

What it does

The goal of HelloSenior is to help elderly with various services so they don’t have to leave their house and get exposed. HelloSenior integrates with various services like Shipt, Instacart, Doordash, Grubhub, Uber, Lyft under one simple and familiar text messaging experience.

A family member, friend or senior can register for HelloSenior on our website. Setup takes less than 5 mins, all we need is a phone number, some basic info and a credit card on file... That is it!

No App downloads! No websites and passwords to remember!

They can just send a text message to our number and get going. Our AI driven assistant will respond based on the request. E.g. If you want to order groceries or order a cab, just send the text. Our assistant will be integrated with multiple services like instacart, uber in order to fulfill their request. If you ordered grocery, grocery will be delivered without anyone needing to leave the home.

How we built it

HelloSenior is hosted on AWS and uses DialogFlow to for Natural Language Processing. While it is still under development, HelloSenior already integrates with various services like Uber, Lyft and supports grocery delivery via Instacart, AmazonFresh and Shipt. For text message support, HelloSenior is integrated with Twilio.

What's next for HelloSenior

  • Continue to build HelloSenior and make it production ready
  • Enable pharmacy delivery service
  • Enable various other services which can help elderly people.
  • Enable localization so it can support multiple languages
  • Expand HelloSenior internationally solving needs of seniors in other countries


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