The idea of this hackathon project is to connect volunteers to those that are vulnerable and house bound during this COVID-19 epidemic. Due to the nature of the virus, it is not possible for vulnerable/elderly people to leave their homes in need of supplies, messages and other necessary work.

What it does

This project realizes a Tinder-style system for the vulnerable to just click a link to get connected, either through their own accord or by the initiative of a family member/friend. In doing so they will be asked to provide a name and location. This will create a profile for volunteers to then match against. The volunteer will sign in, create a profile and then offer the range of distance they can drive/walk to help a neighbor in need. Once a volunteer is matched with a compatible neighbor, this will open communication with the vulnerable person and the volunteer, either via SMS, whatsApp, In-app comms, or even Alexa-driven commands.

How we built it

We designed our model with Figma and brought it to life with React Native. Currently, Firebase stores and processes our account data. Lastly, the rapid pace of development possible with Platter allowed us to deploy a React site for our service in no time.

Challenges we ran into

Our team members span all over the world! Coordinating a project of such scale with a much more expansive span of time than is usual for a hackathon proved to be tough. Too, experimenting with Native Android development for our React Native application was a difficult shift from what we were used to from previous experience, namely with the convenience of Expo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming together to finish our project! We think that this really has the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of the lonely, bored, and vulnerable populace around the world.

What we learned

Hack early and often! Minecraft is fun, but not in sacrifice of the integrity of our main project!

What's next for Help my Neighbor

  • Allow Vulnerable/house bound to quickly create a profile via Web or App with as little but necessary info as possible.
  • Allow Volunteer to quickly create a profile on a mobile app and then set a range of which to find the vulnerable profiles.
  • Create a match system and then open communications TBD.
  • Nice to have: gamification, filtering, searching, Alexa voice-enabled, etc.
  • Help with:
  • Grocery assistance
  • Medication
  • Keeping company
  • Basic checkups
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Mobility/Transportation
  • Technology

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android, firebase, html, platter, react-native

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