For us, the most inspiring thing was that people wanted to help each other. But the thing that was missing was how to deliver goods. So we wanted to solve this problem. But what was missing was a way for people in need and those who can help them to get to know about each other.

What it does

HelpNet is a web app in which you can trade your stuff, but also provide a delivery option (anyone can be a mailman). We offer not only traditional marketplace service but also transportation of goods by the transport sector which is losing jobs these days

How we built it

How we built it ? We used our experience and creativity. :D

Challenges we ran into

One of our teammates left the group on Saturday noon so, we lost one day, but fortunately we did it till deadline. Also we had some problems with uploading the video.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of this beautiful chat we have in our web app, responsive design and also amazing logo.

What we learned

A lot of new know how from teammates. (e.g. how to make ui frameworks easily)

What's next for HelpNet

Automatic offer when one user has something which other user wants.

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firebase, material-ui, mdi, react

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