We all are going through a pandemic situation COVID-19 and facing lots of challenges in our day to day requirements of essential services/items. Our Government/ Police/Doctors are working hard to help us. As of now lockdown is the best way to keep ourselves and others safe.

Due to strict lockdown situations people are not able to go out for their needs. Government has already announced that they will provide all the essential services at the doorstep. However, there are millions of people who are not able to get the help out of it due to the lack of a proper channel.

At this stage while exploring web this link inspired us to come up with a simple but very effective idea.

The initiative, which will allow the elderly and those with a higher risk of getting ill from the virus, saw residents in Ripon, North Yorkshire, place red and green-coloured cards on their windows to tell neighbours if they needed help. The scheme was spotted by Beth Crompton, from North Yorkshire, who showcased the idea on social media.

What it does

It basically connects the people who need help and the people who wants to do help.

There are two sides of this application, Consumer and Provider


  1. User will enter his/her mobile number
  2. Can proceed as a Needy person by raising a flag
  3. OR, can proceed as a provider by "Help Needy"
  4. Needy user can click any of the category and fill the required details and pubilsh
  5. This will raise a help flag and will broadcasted to all the respective providers nearby


  1. Provider can see all the flags raised near to him.
  2. Provider can click on any of the flag based upon the service he/she is going to provide
  3. It will pop up the contact details of the needy person.
  4. Provider will contact to the consumer on the call for the exact help/requirement

How we built it

In the client side we built Android and iOS application. Server side we have written APIs in Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

Communicating on the field with the providers and consumers to know about the market value of our application was really challenging in this lockdown situation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of contributing our idea to fight against COVID and able to execute it just some hours.  And we strongly believe that it will be a hassle free platform for all the needy people on the globe to get the immediate required help/services.

What we learned

We have learned a lot out of this and I would point out some

  1. Execution of a small idea can help millions of people.
  2. Determination of helping hands in the crises.
  3. Even being together virtually we can fight with any crises on the earth.

What's next for HelpOt (CO-VIctory-Determination)

  1. We are targeting all the hot-spot area marked by the government to roll out our app.
  2. We are trying to get the list of essential service providers from the local Police and Government to whom, they have already issued e-passes.
  3. Goal is to scale our app for a million users in a week.
  4. Marketing of the application through Government channel



android, heroku, ios, mongodb, node.js

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