What is Helpy?

Helpy is a website, where people can help each other during this time. A person can post jobs that they cannot perform, e.g. delivering a food or walking a dog, pau for it, and other people can perform that job and get paid. This will help people whose jobs got frozen due to carantine to sustain themselves financially. This concerns the vulnerable population.

What inspired us to make this project?

Currently more and more people decide to stay home to avoid spearding of infection and stay in safety. However, what happens to old people can live alone? Can we help them by volunteerly performing some tasks, e.g. bring medicine? And what can young and energetic people do to help others and earn some money? Just like the vulnerable population that needs some financial support? Maybe you can post some jobs that you need to complete but may outsource to them? You will have your job done and people will have some money:)

How to use Helpy?

The interface is easy to use and native. People can search by lcoation, type of job, and then the results will appear. Then the person picks this job, gets the unique token associated with this job and gets paid. However, the person can also donate the money to chairy or perform the task volunteerly.

Here you can use the app

How to contribute to the project?

Please share this idea, support our project or send an email to collaborate:)


The proejct is done by KTH students, Akzharkyn Duisembiyeva and Ahmed Beder.


This is the project for #BuildforCOVID19 Global Online Hackathon organized by Facebook.

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css, dockerfile, html, javascript, node.js

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