COVID-19 has caused a great deal fo stress, worry, anxiety, feelings of helplessness, fear, and general unrest. While being isolated inside is only temporary and keeps us physically safe, many people are still frustrated, confused, and concerned. While the world feels like it is turning upside down, there is still 24 hours in a day to make the most of and appreciate the beauty of the Earth. I am inspired by the mental wellness of those I care about as well as the book _ "14,000 things to be happy about." _

What it does

Rather than facing the endless scroll of only disappointing news, Here's the Good shows a newsfeed of positive news in the local, national, and global area.

Designed for accessibility

This is designed to be used and read by any age group. Its colors are compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It's minimalistic intended to be ran on any interface from phone to tablet to computer down to 2000 since people of all income levels and technology ranges should be empowered to have peace and positivity of mind.

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