We recognized the need for increased awareness of biodiversity. Biodiversity is defined as the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem. In regards to this, we wanted people to easily be able to take pictures of animals they see and get a result of whether that animal is endangered or not.


We used the Google Vision API to classify our images, using the pre-trained label_classification machine learning model. An API was then written using the Flask micro framework to pull the image that the user inputted into the front end. The image was then converted to a string using base64 encoding and then passed to the Google Vision API. The response was then used to query a MongoDB cloud database to get the information of the animal that was classified. The information will then be used by the front end to display to the user.

What we learned?

We learned the basics of creating a web app and the challenges that come with trying to develop one.

Future Applications

In the future we hope to expand on this project to also be able to analyse an environment provided by the user and return whether it is a suitable environment or not. We plan to use the OpenCV computer vision library to create a computer vision algorithm to help classify the image of the environment

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css, flask, google-cloud, google-vision-api, html, javascript, python, react

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