Hippo Technologies was formed to support principles of a modern day Hippocratic Oath and our pledge to do our best for others.  Inspiration began in Sub-Saharan Africa with the opportunity to use Remote Collaboration tools to help clinicians have more bandwidth to help patients in remote areas.

What it Does

Hippo Technologies leverages hands-free wearable computing coupled with HIPAA compliant software and the team of clinicians with the company help to build a turn-key solution utilizing these technologies for the next generation of hands-free collaboration.

How we built it

The team at Hippo Technologies leveraged the best of breed wearable ruggedized wearable computer systems such as RealWear's HMT and completed integration with this device with DOD certified healthcare software which is HIPAA compliant to build a turn-key system for remote collaboration among Healthcare professionals which is independent of geography and location for use and deployment. The Hippo team is comprised of clinicians who were able to understand the real challenges facing the Healthcare industry and worked tirelessly to adapt the proctoring solution so it could be used in the red zones while battling Covid.

Challenges we ran into

Working in healthcare can sometimes be slower adoption due to rules and regulations and managing through these items prior to Covid was always a challenge. Also testing and kitting the devices is time consuming and being able to appropriately forecast demand is always a challenge when you are supporting hardware deployments in your solution.

Accomplishments we are proud of

The solution was deployed in Wuhan China to help battle Covid on the front lines and addressed the following pain points in Wuhan for clinicians battling Covid.

  • Reduce Cross Infection among patients and healthcare workers
  • Reduce waste of PPE and maximization of time related to taking on and off PPE. (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Direct collaboration between front-line personnel in isolation rooms, doctors in clean zones with the flexibility to also include the patient’s families in these interactions
  • Support healthcare workers during demand surge within health systems as a workforce multiplier

What we learned

When deploying mobility simplicity is key and also solving problems in real time is required.  For example, many of the health systems treating COVID patients have a huge influx of calls to the health system checking on their loved ones and we iterated our solution so that the loved ones (when approved by the patient) can also connect with their family and friends while they are in the facility via the solution from a 3rd party location so exposures can be reduced significantly.

What is next for the Hippo Device

Deployments and implementation at a variety of health systems in the United States and beyond and to continue to iterate on the use cases and add in new technology to the platform for supporting the future of technology in telemedicine.

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