Project Description

With many people around the world practicing social distancing or under shelter-in-place restrictions to help "flatten the curve", most social interaction now must take place online.  Video interaction using live streaming services has been around for a while, but video is only two-dimensional.  Social interaction is a three-dimensional activity.

Holoportation is a technology for creating and sharing 3D video live, in real-time.

The goal of this hackathon project is something different entirely.  We will build a simple system to enable physically distant communities to grow closer by easily sharing a 3D window of their daily lives with friends and family from the safety of their homes.

For this project we'll use off the shelf depth cameras – cameras which capture both color and depth (distance) information.  Cameras like Azure Kinect, Windows Kinect (XBox 360, Kinect V2), Intel RealSense, but also the cameras found in many cellphones.  From these cameras we'll create the 3D content and use a live-streaming service such as Mixer or Twitch to enable you to share your 3D content with a single person or with the entire world!

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c, c#, c++, cuda, opencv, unity

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