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As I am living in India we are in an lock down. In my state, Tamil Nadu people are Quarantined in their houses itself where the medical team will check their health every day. This inspired me as they have to go to a lot of places and they are having a  lot of health threat in treating the patients.

What it does

My idea is completely on building a bridge between the vulnerable groups and the medical team. This application will take all the data(Temperature and Symptoms)  who are quarantined in their houses. This will reach to the medical team for further examining of the patient.

How I built it

I built it using two main components Sketchware and firebase which I used for the first time. They were user friendly and good application to create this app.

Challenges I ran into

I stepped into a lot of challenge as these software was new to me. First challenge was to create a user friendly login and then a form to upload the data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to participate this event and I'm proud as a first timer in making a successful app which fits in our hands. Then I'm really proud on taking part to reduce the spread of these kind of disease.

What I learned

I learn to create app and then I learn to make my own project using firebase.

What's next for Home Quarantine App

The next step is to implement in application and then work on the updates because by implementing a lot of things will be under our control. The next step is to make the app A.I inbuilt which makes the work easy to identify persons.

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android, firebase, sketchware

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