Quick implementation of the system, as well as swiftly adapting to the current conditions is a response to social needs and above all, to the crisis situation which Poles find themselves in.

What it does

Our application is obligatorily installed by Poles under epidemiological supervision. Every day they have to take and send one or several photos within 20 minutes after receiving an SMS. Commands are sent out by surprise to check the actual whereabouts of the controlled person. The software uses a face comparison system and geolocation technology

How we built it

TakeTask mainly creates software that is used to assign, perform and verify large-scale tasks in multiple locations simultaneously. Using this experience, in March 2020, the company, on the basis of the already existing system, developed a mobile application for the Polish government to monitor home quarantine.

Challenges we ran into

The technical infrastructure was adapted to the needs of the Ministry of Digitalisation and integrated with other systems in just 48 hours. On the next day it was tested. The whole thing has been positively evaluated by Polish special services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After two weeks of operation, we already have over 200,000 users in the system, some of whom have already completed the quarantine, which clearly shows that our solution is very much needed during the current situation

What we learned

It would be impossible to launch a system of such high functionality and scalability from scratch within a few days.

What's next for Home Quarantine Monitoring

We are already in advanced talks with potential partners on the implementation of the application in 6 more European, 3 African and 1 Asian countries. And as the company's representatives add, the technical infrastructure can be adapted to individual needs within a few days.


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