The problem we are tackling

In face of corona crisis many small companies switched their production to protective equipment. They don't produce large quantities, but they are one of many on the market who want to help. Their problem is that they don‘t know to which hospitals they should deliver to because they don’t know which ones are in greatest need. On the other side, hospitals struggle to plan for the future because they don’t know how their situation will be evolving. Matching between hospitals and producers volunteering to provide medical resources is not supported.

Our solution

Magic behind

Our impact

By orchestrating and matching hospitals and producers based on resource demand and supply, we expect to bring the ends  together. On top of that we offer the hospital a solution to predict their demands in resources based on the regional COVID cases. This will lead to a better and faster allocation of protective equipment and the required medical resources.

Our team

Our team

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amazon-ec2, amazon-web-services, flask,, love, mongodb, react

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