Due to the temporary shutdown of businesses due to COVID-19—many business owners had to adapt how they offer services to their customers. Businesses responded by becoming available on delivery services or virtual streams—and many of them shared these updates across several social media platforms. We felt we needed a way to aggregate all this information into one place.

What it does

Our site is a feed of community driven updates about businesses in your town. The feed provides information like the phone number, website, and links to gift cards, live-streams, online ordering pages, and app based delivery services.

How we built it

The first iteration was designed by our designer in Figma. Once the interface was ready, the site was rapidly built in Webflow to in order to quickly start collecting updates from businesses and start sharing them to the community. Meanwhile, our engineers are building a ASP.NET Core web application using React, CosmosDB and Azure web services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Doing this for the community  -Over 100 businesses in the community listed  -Average of 300 site visits a day

What's next for Hotdish

-Tighter integration with Facebook -Nearby business

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Technologies, figma, react, sqlserver, webflow

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