Global pandemic affects everyone who are stuck at home. Now we are 3 billion people stuck at home and we need to do our best to help each other to stay safe and healthy. So we are coming with a solution which would help to flatten the curve. Our engineer student team is located at small Northern Europe country - Latvia.

Our inspiration comes from different prototype which needs to be improved so we are improving existing prototype and trying to make it real for users which are blessed to help and save our society from this pandemia.

What it does

Hygiene hand helps keep us safe from everyday germs, bacteria which are on public surfaces for example - cash machines, elevator buttons, metro/bus door opening, electronic signature pads and tablets, door handles (WC, shopping malls, staircase), WC flush lever. All public surfaces are covered with germs and bacteria so we are trying to solve this problem with our hygiene hand.

How we built it

We used SolidWorks to 3D designed our prototype, manufactured it by using laser cut and even 3D printed it using PLA. Our product is ready. We made pricing and marketing strategy. Our video editor made promo video, we made beautiful marketing pictures and videos. It is real life working prototype. Hygiene Hand. Keeps you safe from everyday public surfaces.

Challenges we ran into

We where challenging with pricing and marketing strategies for our product because of lack of knowledge in marketing ,but in the end we figured it out. Manufacturing is complicated because of access to tools and knowledge in this area. Timing issues without realizing previous due dates, but because of hard work we managed to deal with it. We are planning to help as much people with this product as possible so we are concerned about manufacturing possibilities and delivery options.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our experienced mechatronics engineer made 3D model. Our video editor made promo pitch video. Team building challenge was one of our hardest accomplishments because team building from big distance is challenging. Time zone problems where big problem too, but we did it in end. While other team members are researching best manufacturing materials, trying to communicate with potential manufacturers and making pricing strategy.

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