In europe many lives have been lost to the COVID-19 disease due to health workers being overworked and this can reduce their efficiency especially in keeping precautions when working with sick people.This device does some of the work they do.

This device  reduces workload on the already weak and overwhelmed health system by assisting practitioners in dispensing of drugs and water remotely in quarantined centers .The  device facilitates consultations as it  talks to the patient and provides a platform where notifications are sent from the health worker to the patient via sms or video teleconferencing  as it has a camera   which can also detect fever . In an emergency, it can detect any falls,noises without being implored and also when a button is pressed. Finally,it sterlarises itself using U.V light.

I used C++programming language to make the software that works with the hardware.

The body is made out of wood ,plastics .

I won the IST Africa with this device  Have been in many news papers both locally and internationally  and this can be confirmed from google.

Won many awards including the best entrepreneurial innovation in Namibia

I learned that epidemics are here to stay and we should be ready.

Scaling and selling the devices to the hospitals.



cortana, java

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