Due to the pandemic, there has been a global crisis and many countries have locked down borders and flights. During this time, many people are unable to reach their home and they have now stuck in a place away from their home. Many of them are in a difficult situation and to help these people at this time we need collective support. Therefore, we came up with an idea where we can connect everyone who is willing to contribute and the one who is in need.

What it does

Our platform allows people to submit their locations and situations from around the world. These data can be categorized by country and city that makes it easier for people to establish a connection.  It provides a report of stranded people to concerned stakeholders such as countries representative, embassies, social workers, NGOs/INGOs, Media, and any individual.

How we built it

PHP 7 using Laravel 7.0 Bootstrap MySQL Deployed on AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

Challenges we ran into

To find a problem with a hackathon challenge at the last minute. To coordinate between the team and to deliver the solution within a short period of time.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of being a part of support to the people in difficult times in this pandemic. With our turnaround time, we develop this tool to a working version within 24 hours, although there are quite a few things to be done.

What we learned

Great teamwork can speed up the development process. We have exchanged knowledge.

What's next for iamstuck

For the next phase, we would like to include the following: Provide membership to reporter/stranded individuals. Add notification via direct app and SMS for prompt responses. Improve responsive design for mobile devices. Improve the stranded workflow to follow up with individuals until they are fully rescued. Add features for volunteers to offer more support to the local area and region level with more personalized data. Gather much wider data and reach out to global audiences.

Thank you for this opportunity! #Covid19 Hackathon

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lamp, laravel, mysql

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