With immunity, we will restore our community.

While the world continues to combat the Coronavirus, we all face the terrible reality that until we discover a vaccine or develop herd immunity, social interaction presents a risk of infection.

Medical facilities, essential businesses, and volunteer organizations are desperate for healthy staff and volunteers. They need an easy way to share opportunities with local resources who are likely immune.

What if they had a way to easily post work and volunteer opportunities and connect with local resources who developed COVID-19 antibodies while recovering from the disease?

Imagine three recently recovered patients: a young nurse, a college student, and a retired teacher. Having experienced the frightening reality of COVID-19 firsthand, they want to help protect their loved ones and their community. They may be seeking employment, or they may just want to give back.

Now imagine they had a service that found their location and showed them opportunities in their area.

This idea inspired our team to create, a solution that connects people who are immune to COVID-19 to medical organizations, employers, and volunteer opportunities, so that they can help their communities—and our nation—recover.

What It Does is a tool that uses geolocation to connect recovered COVID-19 individuals with nearby organizations who need them. When users visit the home page, the tool will show nearby opportunities, which can be further filtered by three categories: Medical, Employment, and Volunteer.

For Organizations

Organizations can post opportunities with contact information, physical addresses, and an expiration date. Organizations will be responsible for verifying the immunity of applicants and abiding by HIPPA requirements.

For Individuals

Individuals who recovered from COVID-19 can contact organizations through the post. They will be required to disclose their immunity status according to processes defined by the posting organization and HIPPA requirements.

How We Built It

We built the site on Azure in C#, using MongoDB Atlas to store posts, React and Razor pages for the front end, Google Maps for geolocation and display, and MailGun to reliably send emails.

Challenges We Ran Into

The short timeframe for the hackathon posed unique challenges balancing work, quarantine taking care of children and fitting in hackathon development in when possible. Nevertheless, I'm happy with the result!

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atlas, azure, c#, google-maps, mailgun, mongodb, react

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