Our group was focused on looking into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on other healthcare activities.

We chose this topic because we believe that many patients will have to delay potentially important visits with their doctors due to the current healthcare environment’s response to COVID-19, especially taking into account shelter in place policies combined with reallocation of hospital resources.

As employees of Komodo Health, we feel well equipped to tackle this question long term. Komodo Health sits on a healthcare map of 320 million US patients, with which we are able to track the activity of patients historically through the healthcare system, as well as in real time.

What it does

Using our claims data, we’ve created a dashboard that can be used to show total patients who’ve received a certain treatment, and the delta from the previous month. This dashboard is interactive and can allow you to break up your views based on the desired data cut, be it treatment type, age, or geography.

As a starting point, we are choosing to look at patient outcomes specifically related to breast cancer because we believe these trends can be most widely applied to a variety of other diseases. BC encounters range from preventative visits to early stage treatment to urgent life saving therapies for late stage disease.

As we obtain more data, we expect to see, relative to previous years, a decline in early stage diagnostics like mammograms and biopsies, and we are interested in seeing the trend in earlier stage treatment like mastectomies vs later stage treatment for metastatic patients, as well as what health care providers and institutions continue to perform each of these procedures.

Goals for our Dashboard

By tracking patient encounter rates across types and geographies for the recent and coming months compared to the past few years, we believe it will be insightful to see trends in lockdown vs non-lockdown areas for key clinical encounters, and eventually use that to predict what happens to different diseases. A longer diagnostic journey could lead to a prolonged patient journey, which could result in the chance that the patient doesn't get the right therapy. This outbreak has huge consequences to patient well-being, even those who do not end up suffering from COVID itself.

We hope a dashboard like this will make it easier to shine a light on potential patient outcomes and where interventions can be taken to mitigate negative impacts on these patients.




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