This epidemic will decline at some point, we need to predict this decline to better prepare to go back to life. When will it happen? and what can be done to get there faster and safer? Those are questions we want to answer by prediction. This will allow us to better prepare. We need good modeling tools to predict this.

What it does

The MIcro Simulation Tool (MIST) is disease modeling software. The software allows advanced population modeling with a convenient user interface that allows easy, yet reliable modeling with the ability to use High Performance Computing and Evolutionary Computation. This is especially useful in cases where only summary data is available.

How I built it

Many years of work have been invested in this tool.

Challenges I ran into

The ability to reliably model populations from statistics, use of cloud computing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

MIST is already used as the engine behind the most validated diabetes cardiovascular model known worldwide.

What I learned

Our computational capabilities related to healthcare are still limited and need improvements.

What's next for Improved Disease Modeling Tools for Populations

The MIcro Simulation Tool is now being enhanced to better fit infectious disease modeling

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dask, python

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