We got inspired by the way technology is helping us connect as a community and interact with each other while we are forced to stay most of our time at home, without being able to be physically together.

We’re also inspired by the creativity of those who are staying home and can’t do their regular routine, so they stream it live on different social media platforms. We want to give them a tool to keep everything organized and let their followers know when they are going live, as well as give them more exposure to grow their audience.

We also want to help users discover new content creators based on their interests, location, and times of day in an easy and clean way. We want to connect local and global communities.

What it does is the "TV Guide" of Livestreams.

As a streamer: you can schedule your live streams and let your followers know when you’re going live and for how long.

As a follower:  you can find who’s live streaming right now and on which platform.You can see your favorite streamer’s schedule, and find new streamers based on your interests!

How we built it

With much love and a lack of sleep.

But if you really want to know, this is a handmade design and our web application is currently being built using Laravel for Back-End and Vue.js and Bulma CSS for Front-End.

What's next for

We're launching a beta soon. Stay tuned!

Stuff we're looking to add later:

  • More customization to scheduling
  • Notifications/calendar reminders when people you follow are live
  • Insights for streamers

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bulma-css, laravel, love, mysql, nginx, vue.js

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