The problems: 1) Hospitals have ventilators which are deployed in ICU 2) With Covid 19 potentially  a large number of customers with respiratory difficulties will come to hospitals 3) Ventilators which are expensive cannot to deployed for all patients.  4) Most rural hospitals will either have very minimal or no ventilators. 5) Manual AMBU bags are not a solution due to risk of disease spread.

What it does

The Solution: The way to solve the issue is to use a battery operated electro- mechanical device which helps to operate the ambu bag which is fitted into the system. It works proprietary mechanism where its driven by a Reliable DC Servo Motor. The system is fitted with Sophisticated pressure sensor, air flow sensor and Speed sensor which can be improvised on the second phase to have a control of air flow and air pressure into patients lungs.

How I built it

(1) Product development: 1) Refer with the various industrial designers for the optimum solution for the pumping mechanism. optimum shape for pressing and holding the ambu bag using DC Servo motors. 2) Use different mechanical process like pneumatic systems to operate the ambu bag 3) All the 3 sensors i.e flow, pressure and speed sensors execute the rated pressure value needed by the patient to breathe. (2) Feedback and refinement of design: 1) Changes by the staff and doctors updated as per the clinical trials

Challenges I ran into

Regulatory pathway. - Lengthy process for approval from Central Drugs Standard Control Organization

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Won the TIE in Hubli, Karnataka.

What I learned

There is a need for affordable, automated AMBU bag which will help patients.

What's next for IN-SPIRE Breatheasy Life saver AffordablePortablerespirator

The market shall be entered by taking 30 prototypes produced and distributed at different departments at KIMS Hospital, Hubli. Data is collected, product is refined and after the required legal approvals and patents, the product will either be sold to a bigger. company or strongly start our own production line. 1) R&D, Design Finalisation, application for test licencing and process initiation. - 1 to 3 months. 2) 3 Minimum Viable Product and proceed to feedback for Bio medical engineer, sales and marketing model. - 3 to 6 months. 3) 3 Prototypes to be manufactured and given to clinical trials as per CDSCO regulations and patenting. - 6 to 9 months. 4) Final product based on result of clinical trials. 9 to 15 months. 5) Regulatory approval certification closures & patenting. May extend 8-9 months after clinical Trials 15 to 16 months. 6) Sales and Production. - from 18th Month. Will use medical equipment distribution channel to sell to hospitals. Our mentor is connection to medical product distribution channel, he will connect us to right channel for sales to hospitals.

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