Visual simulations have always interested us and we were interested in making one of our own

What it does

It simulates a public gathering where 1 person is already infected with the virus and realistically simulates the virus spread.

How I built it

Unity Game Engine

Challenges I ran into

The scope was very big and we didn't have enough people to achieve all we wanted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We could implement quite a few advanced features, such as a demographically correct population with every person having their own day plan, etc. We have a good movement system to work and a quite realistic infection algorithm.

What I learned

I learned alot about more efficient coding in c#, statistics and working together as a team

What's next for Infection Simulation with Game-Engines

We will probably add more attributes and maybe use it and extend it to a strategy game, as we originally planned



c#, unity

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