Inspiration We are asking as many people as possible to share and update their health status because aggregated data will allow better planning for resources and provide local communities and individuals to deliver care and support more effectively and efficiently.

Data during this outbreak is critical and INK C-19 can make a major difference if adopted in large numbers. We asked our entire team to dedicate their days and nights to developing a solution. We knew, as a regulated UK firm with expertise in privacy, app design and identity, we could make a difference.

What it does

We believe this information sharing will serve multiple purposes: At a regional level it will help the key services to plan better. They can react to a rapid increase in unwell people in a particular village or town. It can provide individuals with more information about areas where they do not live but their family does.

We do not disclose property level data publicly but you will be able to get a good local overview.

At a local level we think this will information will help local communities to better self-organise and help each other. We have designed the app to be super easy to use. We ask everyone to self-attest their location before using the app by asking permission to access their phone’s location. For accuracy reasons we perform a geo-location check against either the IP address (this is their home internet connection address) or a second time-delayed re-confirmation of their phone’s location. We want to ensure people are honest about where they live (but this cannot be guaranteed). Once their is location checked, they simply need to select their health status in relation to COVID-19 in their household. This is colour based and will display on the live map.

How I built it

We developed as user app using React tools based on a single page app.  Build a progress back end running on google app engine, which we the the run a batch process to generate tiles which are loadied into the mapbox clound for user display using thier heatmap.

We create a 10x10m user specific identifier which is being used from which we locally create an anonymity DID for signing and processing data.

Challenges I ran into

Building it quickly enough to be valuable. We went from concept to live in just over two weeks and that was a challenge !

The main technical challenges apart from time are trying to maintain a consistent user ids given lack of web persistnce, we also needed to provide back end scaling in case we are succesful.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being part of a great company that is able to deliver this.

What I learned

I learned that 20 people can work harder on a project when they know it will work to help people globally.

What's next for INK C-19

Full launch any day. We already have V.2/3/4 mapped out and will happily provide our aggregated data to trusted third parties.

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did, go, google-app-engine, mapbox, postgresql, react

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