In the news, it is not uncommon to see some kind of natural disaster, pandemic, or political nightmare taking shape. When these events happen, stores inventories begin to quickly dwindle as “doomsday preppers” begin emptying the shelves. This causes societal stress, economic uncertainty, and lack of supplies for those who may genuinely need it. These common folk need a solution to keep their own homes stocked with necessities while doomsday preppers clear out popular stores. Introducing a new application for home computers and phones…. Inventory Ping. Inventory Ping’s main functionality is to connect users with all the nearby stores, within a specified radius, and allows users to search for any items they need while checking for inventory availability. While popular stores like Walmart or Target may not have toilet paper (such as in the recent coronavirus pandemic), smaller general stores just may have it in stock.There is a convenience here with being able to instantly check LocalShopping instead of calling in or wasting time with in person visits to these stores. The tech stack in developing this application would utilize frameworks for building websites and typical IOS and Android development platforms. The start-up cost would include pay for the developers, marketing/sales strategists, and potential code licensing purchases as they arise. This leads to a very low start-up cost, with high rewards further down the line. Generating revenue will come from partnering with stores that would like to have their inventories displayed in the app, as well as ad-revenue that users would generate while using the app. Using artificial intelligence (possibly microsoft azures), there is the possibility to access other store inventories by screening online search engines for nearby stores relative to the user. Stores currently only have their own websites and apps to display their inventories, and the competitors are few and in between. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any competitors when partaking in their own research. With this scarcity in competition, the Oklahoma scene is a fantastic venue to begin a startup considering that the technology community is also not as large as silicon valley or other major tech centers in America. This will allow building up a company and expansion into different regions as the team partners with more stores.



react, typescript

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