The Idea

ito emerged in March 2020 as part of a grassroots movement during the German government's #WirVsVirus hackathon. Its goal is to offer a simple solution for combatting the spread of infective diseases. Our focus lies on data minimization and an easy-to-audit implementation to achieve maximum acceptance.


If we don't offer this solution, governments will pick a worse one!

Time is of the essence! All other tracking apps currently under development collect extremely sensitive personal data that would forever enable manipulation and oppression. We are a group of dedicated teams that joined forces in order to offer an alternative that actually respects our users' privacy.


We are working hard and transparently on apps for Android and iOS that communicate seamlessly with each other, requiring zero user intervention during everyday use.

Our open protocol STRICT can be integrated into smart devices with Bluetooth capability, either directly into their operating system or into other apps. Through the standardization of this protocol all participants can work together in a cross-border network enabling infection tracking for many geographical locations at once.

Please note that we recently changed our name to "ito" after merging multiple teams with different names, so some submissions may be confusing.

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android, bluetooth, flask, ios, java, mongodb, python, react-native

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