Teenagers are stuck at home due to covid-19 and they have to update their studying habits. This creates inequalities among students in the learning process, an unusal absence of personalized feedback from teachers and requires  to build new learning ways.

What it does

This french speaking forum provides a platform for students in the secondary cycle/in highschool to ask questions about their lectures and homework (in science) and to get feedback from university graduates. We have different categories on the forum, so that questions can be sorted by topics. The categories for the secondary cycle follow the "plan d'études romand" (study plan for Romandy). We also intend to maintain a blog to discuss one cool scientific topic each week. In addition, the users of the forum can register in a group (PhD, university, highschool students, ...) so that people know what level of knowledge the participants have. Our team is already composed of four PhD-students in physics and we hope to recruit more people!

How we built it

We bought a domain name, but for technical and financial reasons, we had to give up on the idea of building our own website and used the existing platform "forumactif" instead.

Challenges we ran into

We realized that building a functional website either requires money (to access the full offer of wordpress for instance) or a lot of technical skills that were impossible to acquire on such short notice. After a lot of googling, we found the platform "forumactif" which was perfect for our need and we set up our forum there. From here on, it was only a question of tuning a few parameters/applying some graphic changes.  A downside of this forum is that it doesn't support latex. We tried to implement a script to add this feature and it almost broke everything down. We will use codecogs for now.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are really glad to have been able to build something functional (even if it's based on a preexisting platform)  in the short timeframe of this hackathon. In addition, we like the name of our project and our mascot! :)

What's next for Je suis une pive

Now that the forum is working, we need to advertise it so that it can be useful. We already have some flyers ready to send!

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