This project evolved out of needing a solution for the stress experienced by teachers, students and parents now during the crisis - but also even during the best of times. We have parents and teachers in our business family who all need a helper to sort and keep track of the details, commitments and requirements of providing excellent education for our children.  We formed as an adhoc team for the Dutch Hackathon - Hack the Crisis and focused on developing a remote education solution. We have several disciplines represented and when we were all talking together lightning struck and Jop was born.

What it does

Jop, an AI assistant (and friend) helping teachers, parents and most of all kids to cope with the education challenges of COVID19. We aim to take away some of the stress on the short term and use this crisis to kickstart a new way of learning tackling some of the existing challenges in education.

How we built it

The prototype is built from Node-red and Watson Assistant Jop currently lives on IBM servers but we are platform agnostic and prefer open source tools.


Our challenge to find a central organizing helper for remote education is faced by the whole world today. Diverse skill sets during ideation are a challenge for any team to reconcile -  we captured the essential vision of Jop without sacrificing anything to the alter of technology limits. We face scalability and finance issues ahead as well as growing our team's technical execution. Our dream is really really big. Working with a random access always on intelligent agent in teh center of teachers, students and parents can potentially disrupt education - we hope in a good way.

Im really proud of

Fenne Dijkstra Who brought all we had put together into an amazing presentation and pitch during Hack the Crisis. This really brought our idea together and made it real to us.

The premier service of our virtual assistant

is to offer an expert system where the bot is a tool, a teacher helper and a learner Jop is a tool to help with learning information through presentation and testing. Jop is a teacher helper supporting the teachers responsibility to communicate to student and parents. And Jop is a learner that keeps track of the progress and interactions guided by the methods and skill sets of experienced educators. Our trajectory is to create a central personage that provides a touchpoint for all stakeholders - this is a unique and innovative role for an intelligent assistant - which usually serves individual users one at a time.

What's next for Jop

Our goal is to have a working prototype by the end of this weekend and then build our MVP.

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ibm-watson, node-red, node.js

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